Buying newborn, toddler, baby and children clothes can be a joy, especially if you set out with a clear idea of the sizing you need. Wriggly babies, toddler tantrums and bored children are all hurdles, so be prepared and find the right size with our children and baby clothes size chart. If you need a similar chart but for shoes, we have a Shoe Size Guide


Frequently Asked Questions


    We have based our children & baby clothing sizes on the main factors, including:

    • Age group (from newborn up to 10 y/o)
    • Height (cm, inches)
    • Weight (kg, pounds)
    • Waist (cm, inches)

    Here you will find your children and baby clothes size chart with all the dimensions and frequently asked questions we receive regarding sizing.



    Height (cm/inches)

    Waist (cm/inches)

    Weight (kg/lbs)

    B A B Y


    42-46cm / 18"

    40 cm / 17.4"

    3 kg / 6.6 lbs

    1 month

    52-56 cm / 21"

    42 cm / 16.5"

    3.5 kg / 7.71 lbs

    1-3 months

    58 - 64 cm / 24"

    45 cm / 17.7"

    6.5 kg / 14.33 lbs

    3-6 months

    67 - 70 cm / 26"

    47 cm / 18.5"

    8 kg / 17.63 lbs

    6-9 months

    72 - 76 cm / 29"

    49 cm / 19.3"

    9.5 kg / 20.94 lbs

    9-12 months

    78 - 82 cm / 30"

    50 cm / 19.7"

    11 kg / 24.25 lbs

    12-18 months

    81 - 86 cm / 32"

    51 cm / 20.1"

    12.5 kg / 27.55 lbs

    18 months - 2 years

    86 - 92 cm / 34"

    52 cm / 20.5"

    13.5 kg / 29.37 lbs


    Height (cm/inches)

    Waist (cm/inches)

    Weight (kg/lbs)

    C H I L D R E N

    2 years

    86-92 cm / 34''

    52 cm / 20.5 "


    3 years

    94 - 98 cm / 37''

    54 cm / 21.2 "


    4 years

    102 - 106 cm / 40''

    55 cm / 21.6 "


    5 years

    106 - 110 cm / 42''

    56 cm / 22 "


    6 years

    108 - 118 cm / 45''

    58 cm / 22.8 "


    8 years

    116 - 128 cm / 45''

    60 cm / 23.6 "


    10 years

    114 - 132 cm / 47''

    62 cm / 24.4 "


    Please note that the size chart above is the average sizing of our garments. For information on the size of a specific garment, please read the product description of each item on the website for further details. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team on


    Newborn sizes are from 0-3 months. That is an average height of up to approximately 56cm/21inches and up to 3.5kg/8 pounds of weight. Babies will grow very quickly within the first year and particularly within the first few months. Babies grow the fastest at this age than any other throughout their lifetime.

     Our newborn sizing is expected to fit across the first three months, but may last longer depending on the size of the baby. It is important to keep your baby snug, warm and comfortable and therefore essentials such as baby grows, bibs, towels and bonnets are often required in their wardrobe.

    For comfortable and easy dressing, our Pima Cotton Newborn pieces are made from hypoallergenic fabrics that are resistant to piling, which are also suitable for premature babies. It is advised to dress your newborn in a slightly bigger size so that they are not only comfortable, but they have the most wear out of the garment.



    Babies start to develop their own personalities, where they can influencer their outfitting choices. Babies will start to transition from baby-grows into baby clothes at around 3-6 months (between 58-64cm/up to 64 inches). From this age, they will start to move more and wriggle so bloomers, rompers and bodysuits are essential items in their wardrobe.

    It is important to consider easy changing on a wriggling baby, and therefore, garments with easy poppers and comfortable pull-overs are key. Babies will also start to wear shoes. Pram shoes are perfect for a little one finding their feet from crawling and walking. Our Baby Shoes are ideal for more confident walkers that have a rubber sole. Discover our Shoe Guide here.



    Toddlers are generally between the ages of 18 months – 3 years (80cm - 100cm / up to 38 inches) although this can depend on how quickly your baby is growing.  

    The toddler period is a great age to dress your child – they would have usually developed their own personality and quirks and start to have opinions on how they dress. At this age, they are far more wriggly and fidgety, so it is important that they are comfortable in robust and durable garments.



    As your child starts to grow, during their school years, their outfit choices become more important to them. It’s a good time to invest in some staple pieces in their wardrobe where they can mix and match depending on how they’d like to dress. This is when your child may fall in love with specific garments that they will not want to take off so it is important that this piece fits comfortably and can be worn for all occasions.

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    How long does the size last?

    You can expect your child to fit into their garment for that duration of time. For example, if your child is wearing a size 6Y, you can expect the garment to still fit at 7Y. Please note that this is subjective to the size of your child and the rate that they grow.

    Can you recommend sizes for my child?

    Unless we can see your child in person, it is difficult to provide a definitive answer on the size your child should wear. We advise using our age sizes as the best guide to use as our garments are made true to size. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for style and size guides.


    If you’re still in need of assistance, we would be happy to advise. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at or get in touch with us. Please note that our customer service is Monday to Friday so if you message on the weekend, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can on Monday.


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