Magnificent Mothers

Magnificent Mothers

To celebrate this Mother’s Day, Pepa London have reached out to some of our favourite women and asked them to share some memories of their own mothers. 

Embark on a poignant journey through love, memories, and cherished moments as these inspirational women reflect on the profound role their mothers have played. Read on for heartfelt insights and sentiments in their own words.


Sara-Louise is standing in front of a window, wearing a silver sequinned dress and holding her baby in her arms.

Sarah-Louise Marks, mother to Navy-Jane


“Cooking is my mama's love language, and as a child my favourite memory is her always cooking delicious home cooked food, the smells coming from the kitchen at dinner time. She was a single mama, but always made sure our home was full of love. In the summer she would make me a big bowl of cauliflower cheese which was one of my favourites, and we'd sit together in the grass on a warm evening and have our dinner together. She still cooks the best food today.”



Black and white photo of Tabitha and her toddler in an embrace, outside on a sunny day.Portrait image of Tabitha sitting cross-legged on a stool with her young daughter seated in her lap.

Tabitha Willett, mother to Ottilie


“When I was 10, my mother took my sisters and I on her own to California for 2 months. We road-tripped down route 101 and made so many memories from visiting Alcatraz to taking a Winnebago to Yosemite and attending surf school in Santa Barbara. As an adult and a mother now I realise what a feat this was and I'm so grateful for the adventure she showed us and the memories we created. I also think she was a bit mad too!!”



Selfie of Jessica Diner and her mother, side by side.

Jessica Diner, mother to Noah, Jacob and Lea


"My favourite memory of my mother from childhood encompasses two of my now favourite things: coffee and skincare. I would love coming down to the kitchen every morning to the smell of freshly ground coffee that she was ritualistic about having at the start of every day. It would perfume the whole house and to this day I love nothing more than the smell of coffee. But what I also vividly and fondly remember is sitting on the floor of her bathroom talking to her while she went through her skincare routine. She has always been fastidious about looking after her skin, which she has passed onto me and look at the results!"


Natalie Rushdie standing in a white dress in the corner of a room with black and white check tiles, in front of a table with a white tiered cake. Her daughter looks up at Natalie, touching her pregnant belly.
Natalie Rushdie, mother to Rose and baby number 2



“My favourite childhood memory of my mother is that she had endless fun activities to suggest while we were growing up. These have been a constant supply of inspiration for play and fun with Rose.”




Pepa González, Founder of Pepa London and mother to Matthew

On the sun-drenched streets of Andalucia, Spain, my brothers and I would weave the bustling markets dressed in handmade clothes lovingly designed by ‘mi mamá.’ In those days, it was common for Spanish mothers to work with a seamstress to create clothes for their families. These pieces enveloped our family in tradition and their craftsmanship ensured they would be handed down to younger siblings, and even to the next generation.

In that era, the pages of ¡Hola! magazines were filled with European royal families -- but none more inspirational to her than the British. Drawing on the very essence of classic English fashion, my talented mother incorporated elements that shone through in the outfits she made. 

Little did I know, I’d one day raise my own starry-eyed Englishman. I always knew that if I ever had children of my own, I’d want to dress them with the same love and care as my mother once dressed me.”


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