Boy Shoes

All of our boys' shoes are made in Spain and are crafted with comfort and longevity in mind. Our collection of soft, suede loafers are perfect for smart occasions. Our canvas plimsolls are perfect for those casual occasions and can be worn everyday. With Pepa & Co. boys' shoes, you can be sure that they will last!

Boy's Ivory leather celebration shoes (20-34EU)
Leather Lace-Up Navy Shoes (20-34EU)
Boy's beige leather celebration shoes (20-36EU)
Lace Up Shoes in Green (26-34EU)
Suede Lace-Up Brogue Boots in Brown (24-30EU)
Faux Lace Hole Canvas Plimsolls in Navy (19-34EU)
Faux Lace Hole Canvas Plimsolls in White (19-34EU)
Leather Lace-Up Burgundy Shoes (20-34EU)
Leather Black Moccasins (26-32EU)
Leather Lace-Up Black Shoes (25-33EU)
Faux Lace Hole Canvas Plimsolls in Raspberry Red (19-34EU)
Soft Leather Boat Shoes in Navy (26-34EU)
Suede Soft Leather Shoes in Camel Brown (25-34EU)