Made especially for stylish girls, our collection combines classic Spanish design with a love of detail for the most delicate looks. Embroidered hand smocked girls' Spanish dresses, elegant blouses and girls' cardigans, are all made from midweight soft cotton, perfect for any climate. To complete the look: our elegant range of leather and suede Mary Jane shoes will assure that your little lady will always walk with confidence!

Traditional Handsmocked Dress in Off White (12mths-10yrs)
Linen Blend Trapeze Dress in Peach Orange (12mths-6yrs)
Check Peter Pan Collar Dress in Brown (12mths-10yrs)
Girls Silk Handsmocked Celebration Dress in Pink (12mths-10yrs)
Suede Mary Jane Shoes in Pink With Organza Bow (24-34EU)
Plain high socks - Cream (3mths-8yrs)
Floral Print Handsmocked Frill Collar Dress in Blue (12mths-10yrs)
Traditional Handsmocked Double Breasted Flower Dress in Pink (12mths-10yrs)
Nautical Knot Front Jumper in Navy (12mths-10yrs)
Houndstooth Pinafore Belted Dress in Burgundy (4-10yrs)
Mariner Nautical Stripe Button Jacket in Navy Stripe (4-10yrs)
Velvet Medium-Bow Clip in Burgundy
Botanical Print Handsmocked Dress in French Blue (12mths-10yrs)
Traditional Double Breasted Coat in Brown (12mths-10yrs)
Traditional Handsmocked Dress in Rose Pink (12mths-10yrs)
Openwork Buttoned Cardigan in Mustard (12mths-10yrs)
Corduroy Wide Leg Gold Button Trousers in Burgundy (4-10yrs)
Mao Collar Romantic Blouse in White (12mths-10yrs)
Organza Botanical Print Dress in Pink (2-10yrs)
Suede Charlotte Shoes in Mustard (24-34EU)
Traditional Double Breasted Coat in Burgundy (12mths-10yrs)
Bertioli & Pepa Handsmocked Bee Motif Dress (12mths-10yrs)
Leather Mary Jane Shoes in Burgundy (25-34EU)
Gold Button Mariner Shorts in Navy Stripe (4-10yrs)