Girl Tights and Socks

Pepa London girls' socks and tights are crafted in Spain from a cotton and elastane blend, ensuring that they are comfortable and fit perfectly. All our girls' tights and socks are made to an incredibly high standard and are long lasting. The colours are all neutral and easy to match, so we can guarantee that you will fine socks or tights that will be perfect for any outfit.

Bottle Green Ribbed Tights (3mths-8yrs)
Openwork short socks - Pale grey (0mths-8yrs)
Brown Ribbed Knee-High Socks (3mths-8yrs)
Burgundy Ribbed Tights (3mths-8yrs)
Beige Ribbed Tights (0mths-10yrs)
Ribbed Tights in Denim (3mths-8yrs)
Denim Ribbed Knee-High Socks (3mths-8yrs)
Taupe Ribbed Tights (3mths-8yrs)
Cream Tights (0mths-8yrs)
Cream Tights (0mths-8yrs)

£14.00 2 Colours

Navy Ribbed Tights (3mths-8yrs)
Dusty Green Ribbed Tights (0mths-8yrs)
Dusky Pink Ribbed Tights (0mths-8yrs)
Cream Pantyhose (3mths-8yrs)
Celebration Short Socks with ruffle - Sand (3mths-8yrs)
Plain high socks - Cream (3mths-8yrs)
Navy Ribbed Knee-High Socks (3mths-8yrs)
Green Ribbed Tights (3mths-8yrs)
Burgundy Ribbed Knee-High Socks (3mths-8yrs)
Ribbed Shorts Socks Red (3mths-8yrs)
Beige Ribbed Knee-High Socks (3mths-8yrs)
Ribbed Knitted Knee Socks in Light Blue (3mths-8yrs)
Mustard Ribbed Tights (3mths-8yrs)
Light Pink Ribbed Tights (0mths-8yrs)
Pink Openwork Tights (3mths-6yrs)