Baby Boy Socks & Tights

Browse the baby boy tights and socks collection here at Pepa & Co. Made from premium cotton and elastane for comfort and ease, and with easy to match colours for pairing with different outfits. Add this wardrobe staple to their collection, from the premium Spanish inspired clothing brand.

Brown Ribbed Knee-High Socks (3mths-8yrs)
Denim Ribbed Knee-High Socks (3mths-8yrs)
Beige Ribbed Knee-High Socks (3mths-8yrs)
Plain high socks - Cream (3mths-8yrs)
Navy Ribbed Tights (3mths-8yrs)
Navy Ribbed Knee-High Socks (3mths-8yrs)
Taupe Ribbed Tights (3mths-8yrs)
Ribbed short socks - Stone (0mths-8yrs)
Openwork short socks - Pale grey (0mths-8yrs)
Ribbed Tights in Denim (3mths-8yrs)
Openwork Knee High Socks White (3mths-8yrs)
Openwork short socks - Light blue (0mths-6yrs)
Cream Tights (0mths-8yrs)
Cream Tights (0mths-8yrs)

£14.00 2 Colours

Burgundy Ribbed Knee-High Socks (3mths-8yrs)
Cotton Short Socks Cream (0mths-8yrs)
Plain high socks - Sand (3mths-8yrs)
Burgundy Ribbed Tights (3mths-8yrs)
Ribbed short socks - Navy (0mths-8yrs)
Ribbed Knitted Knee Socks in Light Grey (3mths-8yrs)
Ribbed Short Socks - Cream (0mths-8yrs)
Cotton Short Socks Beige (0mths-8yrs)
Light Blue Ribbed Tights (0mths-8yrs)
Ribbed Shorts Socks Red (3mths-8yrs)
Cream Pantyhose (3mths-8yrs)