Easter Activities & Crafts for Children (2023) | Pepa London

Easter Activities & Crafts for Children (2023) | Pepa London

Looking for fun Easter activities and crafts to do with your kids in 2023? Look no further! Find out creative ideas to keep your little ones entertained and engaged this Easter.


Easter Activities & Crafts for Children

Easter is a special time for families to gather and celebrate the holiday together. For parents, it can be challenging to come up with creative Easter activities for children that will keep them entertained and engaged. 

Whether you’re planning an Easter egg hunt, making crafts, or creating special treats, there are plenty of fun and exciting ways to celebrate Easter with your little ones. Explore some of the best Easter activities that we have put together to bring joy and fun and create happy childhood memories that they can look back on in years to come. 

Easter Activities for Children

1. Easter Egg Hunt 

An Easter egg hunt is a classic activity that children love! You can organise an egg hunt in your garden or nearby park. Hide colourful eggs filled with sweets or chocolate in various places and let the little ones go wild looking for them. You can also get creative with clues or riddles to make it more exciting and challenging. Allow their imagination to run wild!

2. Decorate Easter Eggs

Another popular Easter activity for children is decorating Easter eggs! You can purchase eggs decorating kits in art and crafts stores or use natural dyes made from fruits and vegetables to dye the eggs. Find sticks, felt tip pans and paints to decorate the eggs and watch your little ones creativity expand. 

3. Easter Crafts

Another sweet idea to encourage their creativity and to keep them entertained is to create sweet Easter Crafts! There are plenty of ideas that require only minimal materials. Such as, Easter baskets, that they can fill to the top with little chicks and Easter eggs! Create fun Rabbit masks that they can colour in and glue and stick touches on top. A classic is to make Easter Cards that they can gift to their loves one. Encourage their creativity and writing skills in the keepsake crafts. 

Easter Crafts for children

4. Easter Baking 

Perfect for those rainier days, baking is a must! Easter is also a time for sweet treats and baking. You can involve the littles on in the process by making Easter-themed biscuits, cupcakes or a cake for the whole family. The little ones can help measuring ingredients, mixing the batter, and decorating the final piece with icing and sprinkles! A somewhat messy activity, but one they will enjoy during the Easter holiday!

5. Easter Story Time 

For a more gentle activity and to encourage their reading skills, teach your children about the stories through the use of Easter-themed children’s books. Head to the local bookstore or library and find illustrative stories to tell the tale of Easter! 

6. Easter Scavenger Hunt

Similar to a classic Easter Egg hunt, an Easter scavenger hunt involves hiding clues around the house or backyard that lead to a final prize. This is a fun and engaging activity to get our little ones moving and thinking as they try to solve the clues and find the treasure. 

 Easter time with children

7. Easter Movie Night 

Wind down the Easter fun with an Easter-themed film night. There are plenty of family-friendly Easter movies to choose from that you can all snuggle up for some precious family time. 

Easter is a fantastic way to build precious memories together as a family. However you spend this lovely Spring tradition, enjoy the little moments you will look back on. 

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