Made from premium cotton, Pepa London baby and toddler socks...

Made from premium cotton, Pepa London baby and toddler socks & tights are a must-have accessory for a child's wardrobe. Featuring stretchy elastane for comfort they are versatile and can be worn by girls and young boys. Plus ribbed shorts socks in modern colours, perfect for wearing with desert boots, or even pairing with subtle pram shoes. more show less
Light Pink Ribbed Tights (0mths-8yrs)
Brown Ribbed Knee-High Socks (3mths-8yrs)
Ribbed Knitted Tights in Cream (0mths-8yrs)
Ribbed Knitted Knee Socks in Light Blue (3mths-8yrs)
Taupe Ribbed Tights (3mths-8yrs)
Pink Ribbed Knee-High Socks (3mths-8yrs)
Beige Tights (0mths-8yrs)

Beige Tights (0mths-8yrs)

$25.00 2 Colours

Light Pink Ribbed Knee-High Socks (3mths-8yrs)
Openwork short socks - Dusty Pink (3mths-8yrs)
Cream Tights (0mths-8yrs)

Cream Tights (0mths-8yrs)

$25.00 2 Colours

Openwork short socks - Light blue (0mths-6yrs)
Beige Ribbed Tights (0mths-10yrs)
Cream Pantyhose (3mths-8yrs)
Ribbed Short Socks - Dusty Pink (0mths-8yrs)
Ribbed Tights in Denim (3mths-8yrs)
Beige Ribbed Knee-High Socks (3mths-8yrs)
Cotton Short Socks Cream (0mths-8yrs)
Light Blue Ribbed Tights (0mths-8yrs)
Celebration Short Socks with Ruffle- Cream (3mths-8yrs)
Denim Ribbed Knee-High Socks (3mths-8yrs)
Dusky Pink Ribbed Tights (0mths-8yrs)
Ribbed Knee-High Socks In Mustard (3mths-8yrs)
Plain high socks - Sand (3mths-8yrs)
Openwork short socks White (0mths-8yrs)