Shop our range of traditional British clothing for baby girls...

Shop our range of traditional British clothing for baby girls aged 3 months to 3 years. Floral print dresses, canvas plimsols, knitted cardigans and more. Shop classic looks, sets and accessories inspired by our British and Spanish heritage more show less
Tartan Button Detail Bloomers In Green (3mths-2yrs)
Check Leather Button Bloomers In Blue (3mths-2yrs)
Floral Bow Detail Bloomers In Cream (3mths-3yrs)
Check Peter Pan Collar Trapeze Dress In Classic Blue (12mths-10yrs)
Classic Fair Isle Merino Wool Jumper in Blue (18mths-10yrs)
Velvet Handsmocked Short Sleeve Velvet Dress In Black (2-10yrs)
Gingham Ruffle Collar Back Bow Dress In Black (2-10yrs)
Ruffle Trapeze Bib Collar Dress In Pink (12mths-6yrs)
Handsmocked Ruffle Collar Romper In Rose Pink (6mths-2yrs)
Double Breasted Handsmocked Collar Dress In Rose Pink (12mths-10yrs)
Tulle Glittery Skirt in Gold (18M-10Y)
Check Mariner Long Sleeve Romper In Grey (6mths-2yrs)
Gold Embroidered Cardigan In Cream (12mths-10yrs)
Check Mariner Long Sleeve Trapeze Dress In Grey (12mths-10yrs)
Tartan Handsmocked Peter Pan Collar Romper In Red (6mths-2yrs)
Toile Handsmocked Double Breasted Romper In Pink (6mths-2yrs)
Handsmocked Collar Long Sleeve Blouse In Baby Pink (0-12mths)
Openwork Cardigan In Pink (6mths-10yrs)
Check Scrunchie Hairband In Black
Check Scrunchie Hair Tie In Black
Floral Bloomers With Big Bow Pink (3mths-2yrs)
Floral Frill Collar Long Sleeve Blouse In Pink (12mths-10yrs)
Floral Handsmocked Long Sleeve Dress In Pink (12mths-10yrs)
Openwork Bonnet In Beige (S-L)