Let's Party! The Best Party Outfits and How to Dress Them

Let's Party! The Best Party Outfits and How to Dress Them - PEPA AND CO

The party season is upon us! It’s time to brush off the velvet and shine the shoes to celebrate another year passing and the excitement for 2020. 

We have launched our glorious Party Capsule Collection at Pepa & Co so you can celebrate in style, and here, we roundup the trends for this festive season.  

Dressing for the Festive Season; this season’s top trends

You can always count on velvet making an appearance; it epitomises luxury and refinement. A very indulgent fabric and what is the holiday season if it isn’t just that!

Red and royal green velvet numbers will be a common sight, but we prefer hues that aren’t so connected to Christmas. Not only for a more classic look, but this means your Little Pepa can make full use of the outfit, whether it’s for Thanksgiving in November or into the New Year. 

Another trend we’re delighted to see - and is a favourite among many Pepa & Co Collections - is lace. Having taken a backseat in recent years to make way for sequins, it’s now the turn of delicate renaissance lace frills and detailing. We couldn’t be happier! 

Girl in Black Dress

You can incorporate lace through accessories as well as within the garment, and a beautiful romantic cream lace frill goes perfectly with velvet fabrics too. 

For the boys, a classic shirt is perfect for the party season but look at more traditional patterns for 2019 such as tartan. We love incorporating tartan in every Autumn/Winter season and this stereotypically is red tartan. It is quintessentially British and a staple for the festive season. Although don’t forget, you can wear red tartan beyond Christmas. Teaming tartan shorts of skirts with white shirts and tops gives a punk rock feel. 

Whilst we love red tartan - it is so timeless - it’s also worth looking into other tartan styles that are perhaps slightly overlooked. For example, traditional Scottish tartan is a dark green and navy with highlights of yellow and red. This is a style that not only looks very at home throughout the cooler months, but is more versatile. 

Girl in Green Tartan Dress

Tartan is so connected with the party season that you may want to branch out on a whole new look; introducing polka dots. Polka dots are often in pastel colours most suited to Spring and Summer months, however, in muted darker tones, they can be just as striking. 

Best Accessories for the Party Season 

Accessories put the finishing touches on an outfit, and should never be ignored. This season’s top trend is the velvet bow, and this could be as part of a hairband or clip. A very simple addition that has a big impact. A simple hair accessory can make all the difference. 

For boys, never underestimate the power of a belt. The right belt can bring the whole attire together. Just look at how the blue and brown braided belt breaks up this crisp blue shirt and navy trousers:

Boy in Blue Shirt and Navy Trousers

If a belt isn’t an option, braces definitely are, and they’re a staple in every Pepa & Co Collection.

And how could we forget the shoes! Suede is the perfect party season fabric; it eludes luxury and indulgence. This year, we’re particularly proud of our Mary Jane suede shoes complete with metallic trim. Available in both red and black, they add that something extra to a party dress. 

The LBD; Pepa Style 

The great Karl Lagerfield once said “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress” and he couldn’t have been more correct. 

For AW19, we wanted a dress that encapsulates both the romantic renaissance period yet was fashion-forward. 

Putting The Dots Together

Out of the ordinary yet in keeping with traditional styles, our classic light grey and burgundy polka dot dress is complete with deep red velvet bow. 

Girl in Grey and Burgundy Polka Dot Dress

Striking Stripes 

There isn’t any other colour quite like red when it comes to the festive season, however, it’s finding the balance between festive and stylish. A checked or stripe shirt design offers a subtle take on a party outfit whilst having the longevity to last beyond the festive period.

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