Pepa & Co. x Samantha Varvel

Pepa & Co. x Samantha Varvel
Pepa & Co. x Samantha Varvel
London is starting to feel like summer is around the corner. Friends sitting outside at cafes, children playing in the parks and couples strolling along the streets, it’s no wonder that summer is a favourite season of the year. It’s so lovely seeing all your #littlepepa’s in their new pieces from our Spring/Summer 2022 Collection! I love seeing the happy, smiling faces of your little ones enjoying the outdoors and the beautiful colours that summer has to offer.
This April, I had the pleasure to meet the wonderful Samantha Varvel, a beautiful content creator from USA, who describes herself to as a real creative at heart. She joined me in our Belgravia store, just around the corner where she spent some years studying! It was so lovely meeting her, her husband and her two little darlings Peter and Kit. We had a lovely time in and around our store in the beautiful Spring sunshine! I brought Matthew to join us for a meet and greet and the children looked so sweet playing and babbling to one another! It was such a wonderful afternoon and was lovely to get her know a bit better. I’d love to share more on Samantha and her time in London.


What do you miss the most of your time living in London?

If I were to live in any city, it would be London - there is no place quite like it! I think what makes it so liveable is its many beautiful parks. My family spent every Sunday afternoon walking through Hyde Park and it’s something I miss very much! I’m always eager to head straight to the park first thing when I’m back for a visit.  

What are your favourite hidden gems in Belgravia?
We lived in Chester Square and always picked up delicious baked goods from Baker & Spice on Elizabeth Street. We enjoyed pizza on the weekends from Oliveto. It is exciting to see Elizabeth Street becoming such a popular destination, and of course now home to Pepa & Co.
What do you love most when visiting London?
My favorite thing to do is walk and take in the beauty of the city! I always walk all around our old neighborhood for nostalgia’s sake, and this time enjoyed exploring areas of Notting Hill I hadn’t seen before with a friend who now lives there. 
Tell us about your highlights on your recent visit for you as a couple and also as a family of 4?
Our priorities are much different now with our two little ones in tow, and we very much appreciate that London is so accommodating to children! The simple things like the Diana Memorial playground brought such joy to Peter and became a highlight of the trip. 
We love your eye for interior design! Can you let us know your favourite British and US designers?
That is so kind! I love Kit Kemp and we always love staying in her hotels - lately we have been staying at the Knightsbridge Hotel which is a gorgeous townhouse she has decorated with playful patterns. My American favorites are Mark Sikes, Sarah Bartholomew and Clary Bosbyshell to name just a few!
Peter and Kit always look so sweet! What is it you love about European children clothing designs?
I have always gravitated toward European clothing for my children - Pepa & Co. does such a beautiful job of pulling in those influences and creating pieces for children with the perfect balance of sweetness and elegance. 

What are your favourite styles to dress your little ones in during Spring and Summer?
It is so much fun to have a little girl to wear beautiful, smocked dresses, but for every day I love a onesie with a detailed collar and floral diaper cover. As Peter is growing older, we are swapping the Peter Pan collars for a Mandarin collar. I love a colored short and suede moccasins on him lately! 

I will look forward to more of Spring and the start of summer. I can’t wait to see more of your little in their Pepa & Co. pieces. Make sure to tag on Instagram!
Pepa x

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