Discover Pepa's Newborn Baby Essentials

Discover Pepa's Newborn Baby Essentials - PEPA AND CO

Having my first little one meant that I needed to get together all my baby essentials for the first time, but I have to admit I had so much fun when I was preparing all pieces I needed for Matthew’s arrival!

March 2020 was when I decided I was going to get organised and start putting together all I needed for him – then all the shops closed and the first lockdown began! Luckily, all the online stores meant that I could still ensure that I had all the perfect things to welcome Matthew into the world whilst being a parent for the first time.

I was so inspired after finding so many small boutique brands that carefully design unique pieces that are equally functional, beautiful and made to the highest quality. Not only was it great to be able to support small businesses through a challenging time, but it I also loved that I was able to purchase pieces that were created with all the love of a new mum. Everything was meaningful and they can now become a part of our new life as a family. You can find a list of all my favourites below:

1. Baby Docking Station by Dockatot

I love this piece for Matthew, it’s so comfy and useful for him. The beautiful print and high-quality soft cotton make it perfect! I can see how protected he feels when he sleeps in this nest. I always think how difficult it must be for a little newborn to come to this world after being comfy and protected in his mum’s tummy for 9 months… So, I wanted to find what could be the third comfiest place a newborn baby can be after their parent’s arms!

The DockATot Deluxe+ dock is an award-winning multifunctional docking station for babies 0-8+ months old. The Deluxe+ dock is the ideal spot for babies for supervised lounging, playing, cuddling, diaper changes and tummy time.’ - Dockatot

2. Bibs by Pepa & Co

Being a new mum, I quickly learned how important bibs would be! Luckily, we design so many amazing ones in-house at Pepa & Co. The perfect bibs fit close to the neck and the back, whilst being made of towel material that absorb quickly any milk drops. I tend to leave them on for a while after each bottle as my little one tends to throw up (I’m sure you can all relate). They are ideal to save that beautiful outfit you just put them on keeping them clean and tidy.

3. Baby Carrier by Artipoppe 

I was so inspired by the mission and vision of this amazing brand, plus I absolutely love their great designs and the comfy look! Matthew was due in July 2020 which was right before the official photoshoot for our winter collection, and I knew I wouldn’t be ready to leave him for a single moment, not even in the pram next to me! Which is why I knew a baby carrier would become an essential for me and these are so stylish & comfy whilst ensuring your back doesn’t suffer at all.

Real feminism in motherhood, according to Anna (founder of Artipoppe) is ‘ensuring that when a woman becomes a mother, she can still live out her life to the fullest with her baby by her side.’ This utopia isn’t always attainable in today’s world but Anna broke that utopia for me and helped a working mum here – I would happily recommend this brand to anyone!

‘The first ergonomic baby carrier to combine comfort and aesthetics. Crafted from the finest natural linen and ecru cotton this baby carrier is both effortless and sophisticated and the excellent pick for warmer days. Carry your baby in style and stand out from the crowd in our clean and bold design.’ - Artipoppe

4. Towels by Pepa & Co

 A newborn essential! So practical and so soft – you will need a good quality towel so you can enjoy the moment when you wrap your little one tight after their bath and enjoy cuddles, this is Matthew’s favourite time. We love a pima cotton style ensuring they’re super soft!

‘Wrap up your little one in a sea of softness with this hooded towel which is made from 100% pima cotton, perfect for newborn sensitive skin. With sweet blue ABC embroidery this towel is ideal for a baby’s first bath time.’ – Pepa & Co

5. Baby Bath Set by Luma

My parents sent us this baby bath set as a present. I knew I wanted something very comfortable for Matthew as I know how much children love their bath time, but it was also important that is was comfortable for me so I could sit next to him for as long as possible. I remember how he would fall asleep in Mike’s arms during his first few baths because he loved it so much – now he’s more active he splashes around so much we have to keep a mop nearby. The quality of this bath is still excellent even after all its usage!

‘In this LUMA bath & care set you will find everything you need to take care of your new-born baby. It contains eight items indispensable in the daily care for your baby: a baby bath, bath support, nappy pail, bath seat, manicure seat, comb, brush, bath thermometer and an outlet tube. This is all you need for your baby.’ - Luma

6. Pima Cotton Essentials – Pepa & Co

I really started to appreciate how delicate and soft are our Pima cotton collection is when I first dressed Matthew. For me, I wanted him to wear the very best clothing on his first days of life! I also couldn’t resist the white on him, it looks so pure & sweet.

‘Discover our latest collection of newborn essentials including bodysuits, bonnets and blankets. Pepa & Co high-quality styles are made from the softest pima cotton, perfect for your little ones sensitive skin.’ – Pepa & Co

7. Baby Gym by @kjut.stuff

We all love Instagram and how useful it can be for finding unique small brands creating very special pieces with so much love! That’s how I found the lovely Alexandra from Poland and her passion in making this beautiful baby gyms. All of her designs are hand-made to order, her designs and colour are so cute and the finish is perfect. We have spent so much time in Matthew’s nursery playing and having son and mum time.

8. Play mat by Totter and Tumble

There is nothing better than your NCT WhatsApp group! They are there to answer any question, to support, to laugh, to cry and to scream if needed… they’re also the best at revealing the bets pieces you need to buy for your little one. This is where I heard about this amazing play mat, I love the design and soft colours and how big yet easy it is to move around. Matthew loves rolling over as quick as possible and with this mat we have no fear of him hitting his head anymore. One of our favourite moments of the day is having a cup of tea and playing with Matthew on it.

‘The stunning, delicate detailing of the creamy grey Globe Trotter play mat will sit with quiet beauty in your family home, revealing the intricate pattern the closer you get to it. Inspired by the ancient intricate diamond patterns of the North African Kilim weaved rugs, this minimal design works well with both traditional and contemporary interiors.’ – Totter and Tumble

9. Sleeping Bag by Pepa & Co

We swaddled Matthew from when he was born up to about 4 months, then we decided to put him into our very own sleeping bags. They are easy to open entirely on one side making them perfect to change him. We have been very lucky that Matthew sleeps so well and hardly wakes up through the night, fingers crossed he stays like that!

‘Our 2.5 tog sleeping bag is cosy and soft with rocking horse embroidery on the front. Made from cotton, this sleeping bag has a delicate pale blue striped woven design around the bottom half with a soft white jersey top. Snap button fastenings are placed on the shoulders for an easy and dreamless sleep for your little one.’ – Pepa & Co


10. Take me home – their first outfit

It was a Friday evening in July 2020 and we we’re driving Matthew home from the hospital. The sunset was beautiful and the parks were full – it was as if everybody was as happy as we were. I did take a very special outfit with me to the hospital, I loved dressing him up before leaving (not that there was any press waiting for me) but I just stared at him all the way home – it was as if I had picked up an angel from the hospital. It those little things you do for yourself and a memory you will never forget.

‘This delicate special occasion knitted set in ivory features jumper with back fastening button detailing and matching bonnet and booties. Handmade with satin bow embellishment on the booties and lace panelling on the jumper and bonnet, the bonnet also fastens under the chin with satin strap. Made from 100% cotton, this elegant set is perfect for the most special of occasions.’ – Pepa & Co

‘Our classic knitted set in blue features round-neck jumper, elasticated trousers and delicate front button fastening for easy changing. Made from soft 100% merino wool with sensitive skin in mind, this cosy set will provide warmth and comfort during the colder months. Matching bonnet also available separately.’ – Pepa & Co

11. Wipe Pouch by Bubee

I love finding new brands that design products that genuinely make a mum's life easier! I found this Australian brand recently that keeps me organised in a stylish way. Bubee create high-quality wipe pouches that enable you to split your bulk of wipes into small, handbag friendly chunks - I love it!

'With a stylish need for mothers to store their wipes, Bubee have introduced pouches that are refillable, attachable, flexible, lightweight and made from eco friendly materials. With a watertight zip lock, our wipes pouches are the answer to fresh wipes every time. Wherever your day takes you, our Bubee pouch ensures you always have fresh wipes on hand.' - Bubee


Being a mum for the first time have been an amazing experience - I adore my little one and treasure the memories we have created together. I hope that all the other new mums out there are able to relax and enjoy making new unforgettable memories like I have been able to.

Love Pepa x 


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