Spring Activities | Keeping the little ones entertained

Spring Activities | Keeping the little ones entertained
Spring is on the horizon. The days are starting to get a little longer and nature is becoming a bit brighter. We see the flowers and trees around us coming back to life and the smell of summer is just a stone-throw away.
As a parent, Spring can be the best time to venture out with your little ones. Without too much wrapping up and packing extra layers for daily outings, but nothing too hot where they wear themselves out, Spring is the beginning of outdoor adventures. 

Although we’re not quite there, this time of year still has a lot to offer to entertain our little ones. We have outlined some fun and engaging activities ahead of the blossoming season. 


Outdoor Adventures

Explore the beautiful countryside as the flowers begin to bloom and the leaves start to grow. Set off on outdoor adventures and watch your little one's imagination run wild. Head off on a long Spring walk through the woods, splashing up mud as you go. No adventurer is set to go without their kit! Pack up this Moulin Roty Explorer Box, which includes an essential pocket compass, water bottle, binoculars, travel notebook all packed into a sweet illustrated tin box.

Picnics in the Park

The epitome of Spring is watching your children running around and embracing the great outdoors. It’s always a delight watching them bumping and chatting away to other children and playing make believe with their friends or siblings. For a little bit of rest and retreat, set yourself up an indulgent picnic for your little ones to come to and from while you can relax. 

Creative Minds

For the imaginative artist, set them up outdoors with an easel and paints to let their creativity take over. Equip them with the Watercolour Artists Kit to give them all they need to create beautiful paintings for you to cherish. This sweet kit comes in a mini suitcase so they can keep all of their creations together. Embrace them with the Spring beauty and watch them recreate the beautiful bold colours this glorious season has to offer. 


Delicious recipes at home

Home-baking is always a fun and delicious way to keep your children entertained. With pancake day closely around the corner, set up a flipping station and make stacks and stacks of yummy pancakes. Support your little one as they try and flip their pancake before adding delicious toppings.

For the rainy days

Spring is no such season with a drip drip drop little April shower. For those rainy days at home, there are plenty opportunities to keep your little ones occupied and entertained. There is nothing more fun than a good old-fashion fort build. Gather all of the pillows, cushions, blankets and poles around the house to build the best fort there is. Watch your little ones play for hours upon hours while their imagination runs wild… 

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