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The Juggle with Katherine Ormerod - PEPA AND CO

Welcome to The Juggle: A new blog series where Pepa talks to inspirational mothers all around the world, delving into family life and what it means to be a working parent today, discussing family traditions and how to cope when life sometimes gets too much.

This week we chat to Katherine Ormerod; Author, Journalist & Founder of Becoming a parent has meant that Katherine has had to find the perfect balance between work and home life and has faced many challenges on the way.

Hi Katherine, please tell me about your family.
I have a three year old boy called Grey and three month old called Ripley with my boyfriend Haden.

How did life change when you became a mother (apart from the obvious)?
I had to really reevaluate what I was doing with my career and time so have segued into a far more family friendly focus of ghostwriting autobiographies - as freelance journalism just didn’t work with being a full time mum. However, in lots of ways things didn’t change - I still went out for work dinners and saw friends in the evenings, I still made time for exercise and getting my manicures. I’ve also been fortunate enough to be very much challenged by the many different facets of the jobs I do (editor, speaker, author, consultant, influencer).

How would you define your parenting style?
Very empathetic. I'm a big believer in forming boundaries and routine, but within that I'm quite relaxed.

Are there any fun family traditions you have created?
It’s been hard during Covid and we’re still settling with the newborn, but Grey has been helping me organise all his old clothes to pass down to his brother or else send to charity and I think its really important for him to be aware of the circular economy even at a young age. 

How do you juggle career and children – what are your three pillars for keeping it all together?
Childcare, childcare, childcare? No, but really, it’s meant to take a village and you will drive yourself to hell if you try and do it on your own (I did, it wasn’t pretty). I also try and work with people who understand that my family comes first, keep my expectations for these years realistic and continue to pivot to opportunities which won’t sink the ship.

What are the rituals that keep you grounded?
I have a massage every month. It’s a massive indulgence but it keeps me sane. I’m also a big fan on swimming and pilates for resetting my mind.

How do you carve out time for yourself?
I don’t feel guilty ever for doing something for myself as on the balance, the vast majority of your time is going to be spend nurturing your children or working, so there’s no point being a martyr. I schedule me time with my partner and then send him ical invites so he can’t ever forget!

What pieces of wisdom are key to pass on to your children?
Resilience is truly the most important skill in life - none of us will glide through unscathed, it’s how you rebound that matters, not how you fall.

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