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The Juggle with Laura Jackson - PEPA AND CO

Welcome to The Juggle: A new blog series where Pepa talks to inspirational mothers all around the world, delving into family life and what it means to be a working parent today, discussing family traditions and how to cope when life sometimes gets too much.

This week we chat to Laura Jackson; British TV Broadcaster & founder of Hoste London. Becoming a parent has meant that Laura has had to find the perfect balance between work and home life and has faced many challenges on the way.

Hi Laura, Please tell me about your family.
We are a family of 4 plus our dog, Barry the whippet! My husband takes photos for work and I do a few things from broadcasting and writing. I'm also launching a new business in the Autumn which is really exciting. My daughter is currently 2 and has the energy of a football team, and my son is 4 months and is the most wonderful little thing. 

How did life change when you became a mother (apart from the obvious)?
I didn't want my life to change, but it has so much. I know have a greater understanding of the world, I have learned how to be selfless and love unconditionally and how to be patient. The downside is the sleepless nights and the throwing of food on the floor. But I absolutely love being a mother, the kids give me so much joy.

How would you define your parenting style?
I struggle with this question as I feel like I no style. I just give them endless love, support and some boundaries. 

Are there any fun family traditions you have created?
Just to celebrate everything!  

How do you juggle career and children – what are your three pillars for keeping it all together?
I struggle - the balance is very hard. I have to set boundaries with work so that I spend good quality time with the kids and my husband. I love my job and it eats into everything I do - restaurants, travel, cooking. However, family is everything and they come first. I try to write lists and be organised with work so I can always use my time effectively. 

What are the rituals that keep you grounded?
I love having a bath, weekends without the internet, cooking, dinners with my husband and wine with my girlfriends. 

How do you carve out time for yourself?
I am brilliant at working myself into the ground but I'm also the master of doing nothing. I love spending evenings watching telly and eating biscuits - even though its hard to find the time I do always find time to watch telly. I probably should be reading a book - but that's not my reality.  

What pieces of wisdom are key to pass on to your children?
Always listen and always be kind, thoughtful and supportive. Love conquers all.

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