A Regal Return to Pepa London

Young boy with blonde hair stands in front of a swimming pool. He is looking off to the side and his hands are clasped in front of him. He is wearing the Pepa London Whale Intarsia Striped Jumper and a pair of navy blue shorts.

An iconic Pepa London design, our updated Whale Intarsia Striped Jumper is a regal nod to our sense of traditional dressing and pays homage to childhood royal family dressing.

This tale began eight years ago, when Prince William and Princess Catherine of Wales chose our very own cotton-soft Whale jumper to dress Prince George in celebration of his third birthday. Monique Jessen, contributing correspondent at People Magazine, covered the young Prince’s sartorial statement at the time. When asked recently, she commented, 

‘I can’t quite believe I was writing about this jumper as worn by Prince George nearly eight years ago and it’s still such a classic!’

His innocence and joy captured hearts worldwide, and now an updated version of this jumper is back by popular demand, ready to create new memories.

 Cover of 'People Magazine' with Prince George wearing the Pepa London Whale Intarsia Striped Jumper.

Crafted with the same attention to detail and timeless elegance that defines our brand, this iconic piece pays homage to the nautical charm and classic style that epitomizes British fashion heritage. A noble knit made of 100% cotton offers tactile richness for a soft touch against delicate skin, this jumper is as comfortable as it is charming. Deep navy and buttercream stripes play backdrop to an adorable whale motif, with branded Pepa London buttons, and easy-to-pull-over crew neck. As worn by Prince George on such a joyous occasion, it carries the magic of childhood celebrations and royal traditions. 

Image of Prince George from his third birthday photoshoot, wearing the Pepa London Whale Intarsia Striped Jumper.

 Pepa London draws ongoing inspiration from the enduring elegance and tradition of the dressing of royal families around the world. Our designs are reminiscent of the attire Pepa and her siblings grew up wearing, meticulously designed by her mother who took style inspiration from the British royals of the time. This informed way of dressing is still echoed in the British royal family today. Bethan Holt, Fashion Director at the Telegraph remarked,

 ‘George, Charlotte and Louis have all been dressed in clothes which their grandparents and parents before them could have worn. It's also hugely appealing in a world full of garish colours, logos and branding to see children dressed in such a simple and elegant way.’ 

 In the fast-paced world of children's fashion, we pride ourselves in creating garments that preserve traditional craftsmanship and heritage while ensuring children look and feel like children. 

 Our founder, Pepa González commented on the popularity of this classic style,

‘Our customers ask for this piece every summer! It has been so special to dress our son Matthew in this year’s version.’

 E-commerce photo of Matthew seated and wearing the Pepa London Whale Intarsia Striped Jumper.

Join us in embracing the spirit of timeless elegance and royal charm. Whether it's for a special occasion or everyday adventures, the Whale Intarsia Striped Jumper is not just a garment but a treasured part of your little boy’s wardrobe. We invite you to be part of our journey, celebrating the magic of childhood and the heritage of British fashion.

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