Pepa Playmates

Pepa Playmates

Imagine your little girl twirling around the garden, hand in hand or sharing precious moments together at the dinner table with her best friend. These dolls are more than just toys; they are devoted best friends, ready to accompany your little ones on adventures both big and small.

What's more, these dolls perfectly complement the seasons’ most beloved dresses and floral prints adding an extra touch of elegance and charm to every occasion. So, whether it's a day of exploration in the great outdoors or a special family gathering, your little girl and her doll will be perfectly matched, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Two girls outside on grass holding a canoe above their heads. They wear the Poppy print. To the left, there is an ecommerce image of the Poppy doll.

Meet Poppy

Poppy is an adventurous girl who loves to explore outside in the garden. She wears her blonde hair in plaits so that it doesn’t get in her face when she is out and about. Your little adventurer can match her sidekick by wearing the Poppy Floral Print Sleeveless Trapeze Dress in Red, which evokes the bright red of her namesake flower, with our Leather Mary Jane Shoes in Blue.


A headshot of a young blonde girl wearing the Daphne dress with a matching bow in her hair. To the left, there is an ecommerce image of the Daphne doll.

Meet Daphne

Daphne is inquisitive and loves acting out the stories she reads in her favourite books. She likes to put her brunette hair in pigtails and dress up for tea parties. Her pretty blue floral dress, in the Daphne print of course, reminds her of her blue China tea set. Your little gem can wear her Daphne Floral Print Handsmocked Double Breasted Dress in Blue with Leather Mary Jane Shoes in Blue to perfectly match her playmate at high tea.


A young girl is standing in front of a plain background, holding a flower and wearing the Eloise dress. To the left, there is an ecommerce image of the Eloise doll.

Meet Eloise

Prim and proper, Eloise loves everything pink. She loves when her mommy helps put her hair into an elegant, braided updo. If your little one also delights in frills and bows, she can match her best friend by wearing the Eloise Floral Print Handsmocked Short Sleeve Dress in Pink and matching Leather Mary Jane Shoes in Pink.


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