To complete and match with every piece of our collection,...

To complete and match with every piece of our collection, we have created our own collection of timeless accessories. Don’t miss our large selection of colors for socks and tights that you will love to complete your child’s perfect look! Durable, timeless and high-quality pieces designed for your child comfort! more show less
Ribbed Knitted Tights in Cream (0mths-8yrs)
Light Pink Ribbed Tights (0mths-8yrs)
Dusty Green Ribbed Tights (0mths-8yrs)
Ribbed Knitted Tights in Stone (3mths-8yrs)
Burgundy Ribbed Tights (3mths-8yrs)
Dark Grey Ribbed Tights (3mths-8yrs)
Navy Ribbed Tights (3mths-8yrs)
Mustard Ribbed Tights (3mths-8yrs)
Bottle Green Ribbed Tights (3mths-8yrs)
Light Blue Ribbed Tights (0mths-8yrs)
Dusky Pink Ribbed Tights (0mths-8yrs)
Beige Ribbed Tights (0mths-10yrs)
Taupe Ribbed Tights (3mths-8yrs)
Pink Ribbed Knee-High Socks (3mths-8yrs)
Openwork short socks - Red (3mths-8yrs)
Openwork short socks White (0mths-8yrs)
Cream Pantyhose (3mths-8yrs)
Openwork short socks - Dusty Pink (3mths-8yrs)
Celebration Short Socks with Ruffle- Cream (3mths-8yrs)
Ribbed short socks - Stone (0mths-8yrs)
White Openwork Tights (0mths-6yrs)
Ribbed Knitted Knee Socks in Cream (3mths-8yrs)
Openwork short socks - Pale grey (0mths-8yrs)
Ribbed Short Socks - Cream (0mths-8yrs)